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The Kiamichi River near Antlers, Oklahoma.
Scenic Kayaking on The Kiamichi River in Southeastern Oklahoma.






Get a Massage in Broken Bow

Lemon Grass Massage

Oasis Massage

Body Harmony Day Spa

Oils of Grace Massage



































The Illinois River - Classic Family Float Trips in Northeastern  Oklahoma.








The Spring River - Paddle from Kansas to Oklahoma! A river offering camping spots and numerous 'honey-holes' for fishing.







Oklahoma Paragliding
P.O. Box 216
Talihina, OK 74571
Phone: 203-671-7413

Buffalo Mountain Flight Park is located in the scenic Kiamichi Valley near Talihina, Oklahoma.


The Beautiful and Thrilling Lower Mt. Fork River (LMF) at Broken Bow, OK  

Kayaking through the Chute on the Lower Mountain Fork RiverPrepare to get wet, when you take a kayak or canoe down the 4 miles of rock gardens, rapids and small waterfalls that make up this year round available Class II water rollercoaster in Southeastern Oklahoma! 

Broken Bow, Oklahoma is not too far from a Kiamichi River outfitter in Antlers, Oklahoma.  With careful planning you can canoe both The LMF Rivers and the Kiamichi River in one float trip since they both offer float trip & shuttle providers. Visit our Kiamichi River page for canoe outfitter information on the nearby Kiamichi.

Both rivers offer different conditions depending on the water level.  Contacting a local outfitter and asking about the paddling conditions should be a key part of your float trip planning effort. The Kiamichi River depends on local rains, but the LMF River is right below a hydroelectric dam that provides Oklahoma's most dependable bit of Class II whitewater.

Bring your own kayak or use one of the many kayak and canoe outfitters that are located about 5 miles east of Broken Bow right on Highway 70. Scroll down for our list of Mt. Fork River Outfitters and their contact information as well as local lodging options for kayakers.


Easy Whitewater Action All Summer Long



The Upper Mt. Fork River feeds its waters to Broken Bow Lake. We went kayaking in the Upper Mountain Fork River near Smithville, Oklahoma for Father's Day Weekend in 2009. The Upper Mountain Fork River is more rain dependant than the LMF, but also less crowded.  It offers a much larger waterfall drop when the flow is up.

Broken Bow Lake is known for its black bass fishing and the Lower Mt. Fork River is an Oklahoma favorite for both rainbows & brown trout fishing.

Class II Kayaking in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.
Presbyterian Falls

New Mountain Fork River kayaking discussion forum:


In the past, releases from the Broken Bow Reservoir into the Lower Mountain Fork River (LMF) provided ideal paddling conditions almost all year round. The water quality is cold, clear and clean with a difficulty rating of Class II (acceptable even for the novice). These days it pays to check the river levels on American Whitewater's site or call a knowledgeable outfitter like WW Trading Post.  During the summer, there are loads of canoe and kayak outfitters that will put you on Oklahoma's most exciting kayaking spot.  Head to Broken Bow, Oklahoma soon and paddle this Oklahoma jewel!  If you are new to kayaking, try to join a group for paddling this one so someone will have your back. The Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers make quite a few trips down this river, even though it gets little bony sometimes.

I was getting turned over in my kayak several times per trip on this river until I bought the spray skirt for my Perception.  I haven't flipped the boat on this river since.  It is quite easy to get 'a little bit sideways' in the shallow waters on the Lower Mountain Fork River and a spray skirt keeps the kayak from taking on water.  A quick hip-snap will often set you right up without even getting wet!  Find a Spray Skirt for Your Kayak.

Oklahoma Float Trip Tip: Remember to call ahead and reserve your canoes and kayaks at least one day in advance. Summer afternoon float trips on the Mt. Fork, for example, often book up.    


A Babe Paddling a Sit-On-Top Kayak down Presbyterian Falls on the Mt Fork River in Broken Bow, OK       
Kayaking Over Presbyterian Falls

Our Favorite Oklahoma Paddling River!

Trip Report  - 10/13/07 Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow, OK

October's unusually warm weather this year has extended the paddling season for fair weather kayakers like Dianne and I. In fact, we took a trip  to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to kayak my favorite Oklahoma river…the LMF!

The Lower Mountain Fork River (LMF)

The Lower Mt. Fork River near the re-regulation dam in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.The LMF River offers an exciting four mile downriver trip that begins at the re-regulation dam, proceeds through a shallow rock garden, then some narrow rapids and a finally a couple small ledges with the take-out being the Highway 70 Bridge. The fun is highly concentrated on this river. Each bend in the river seems to offer another rocky obstacle or amazingly lovely scene. The water is crystal clear and cold all year long. In the past, the electrical needs of the community and the water needs of the trout meant that this river had excellent water levels for kayaking in even in the long hot and dry summer months.

Canoes and kayaks both commonly float this river as well as younger folks tubing their way through the 'Rock Garden', through 'The Chute', down 'Presbyterian Falls' and all the way to the take-out four miles down river at the Highway 70 bridge.   

Our Trip to Broken Bow

Those who know me well, know that I would love to greet the sunrise every weekend on the banks of this fantastic river. This is why we usually spend the night in Broken Bow, even though it is only a couple hours from home. Sadly, this trip did not allow me to greet the dawn on the river bank due to some unpleasantness on the drive from Okmulgee to Broken Bow.

Although the bow of my boat has never been broken on this river, the front-end of our pickup truck suffered mightily this time. Dianne and I were driving to our hotel, the Hochatown Country Lodge, when a deer leaped out in front of us on Highway 3 just outside of Rattan, Oklahoma. We were moving at highway speed and simply could not avoid hitting the deer. The damage to the truck included breaking our transmission cooler and leaving us stuck on the side of the road right by the Little River Park. The damage to the deer was even more severe.

The really nice folks at Steel's towing carried our wounded Chevy the last 30 miles or so into Broken Bow and even delivered both of us and our kayaks to the Hochatown Country Lodge. In the morning Jesse, our tow truck driver, planned to try to repair the truck enough for us to limp back home to Okmulgee. Like everyone in this friendly little town, Jesse delivered for us above and beyond the call of duty.

Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers Save the Day 

On any other trip, the events detailed above would have canceled any dream I had of paddling my favorite river...but this trip was different. We recently started participating in a new Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers Yahoo! Group that Al Want launched. In fact, we had arranged to meet them at the hotel on Friday night. Although Dianne and I have met other Oklahoma kayakers through our paddling blog, this was the first time we planned a trip through Al's new group. Al and his wife Donna were on the spot as soon as we reached the hotel. They insisted that canceling our kayaking trip would do nothing to repair our truck. Even though we were unable to do our part in boat shuttling, Al and Donna went FAR out of their way to make sure we could still run the river. They even carried us to Jesse's shop after our adventure to pickup our truck!

Kayaker Networks Mean Safer Paddling Trips

Everyone knows that paddling with companions is MUCH safer than being on the water alone. Groups, like the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers, can help you build the relationships that will make your river adventures much more safe and enjoyable. One thing I learned this weekend is that the risk doesn't begin and end on the water. When taking road trips that are even just a few hours from home, a support network of friends can be the difference between major disasters and minor annoyances.

Our LMF River Trip Details

Since Labor Day has passed, many of the canoe liveries have shut down for the season. However, Ambush Adventures is still open for business. Al and Donna had to make two trips from the lodge to get all five kayaks and all six paddlers to the outfitter. However, once we were all assembled the outfitter wasted no time in busing us to the put-in. Kayaking the LMF in the off-season means less crowding on the river, but fewer hilarious boat mishaps to photograph.

The LMF is barely tame enough to be called Flatwater Paddling, in fact Dianne and I break out the spray-skirts for this voyage. Al and Donna had their cockpits covered as well and they also supplied a Sit-On-Top tandem kayak for Heather and Reed to paddle. Everyone in our group made it down the river with dry hair, but several folks in canoes and uncovered kayaks were not so fortunate.

As usual, the river level was good enough to avoid the need to portage. We didn't hit the water until nearly noon, so we didn't see a great deal of fish or wildlife. However, even in the 'too-bright' light of the noonday sun, we managed to take some very nice kayak pictures. I think I may switch back to my plastic bladed paddle on my next trip. My new lightweight, Carlisle paddle, though wonderfully light, did NOT sound too good bouncing off the rocks! Next time I will bring my old kayak paddle down the LMF.

Lodging for the Lower Mountain Fork River Trip

Lodging at the Hochatown Country Lodge was great. Here’s an example: we told them we had hit a deer and would need an extra late check-in time and to stay an extra night. They set up all that AND gave us a discount on both nights purely out of pity. In a nutshell, the service was as excellent as the location.

We got a Jacuzzi room for the first night. The Lodge’s Jacuzzi room was easy to find, clean and well equipped for less than $100. Although we couldn’t find free WiFi at the hotel, there is an Internet cafe just a short walk from the Lodge. Also within easy walking distance of the lodge are: a liquor store, diner, chocolate shop, convenience store, chainsaw sculptor, go-kart racetrack and more. Hochatown, Oklahoma is small, but loaded with fun...just like the Lower Mountain Fork River itself.

The Company 

Dianne and I really enjoyed paddling with Al, Donna, Heather and Reed. Flatwater Kayaking is an excellent group activity. It offers opportunities to just paddle along slowly in groups and talk or to venture off alone to explore for a while. Thanks for the help Al & Company, we owe you guys some major shuttling!

I think a few others from the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers group are planning to head to Broken Bow this coming weekend. If you have never paddled the LMF, I cannot recommend this river highly enough. Get with the group and go…you have nothing to lose but..uh…your wallet, keys, cell phones, paddles, water bottles, beers, glasses, and anything else not dry bagged and strapped to the boat!


Trip Report  - 6/18/05 Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow, OK

The Mountain Fork River, a tributary of Oklahoma's Little River, is quickly becoming a destination of choice among Oklahoma paddlers and fishermen alike. Due to cool water releases through the dams of Broken Bow Lake and Lake Tenkiller, both rainbow and brown trout can be caught at this year-round trout fishing area. However, this time of year the trout fishermen try to set out early enough to avoid the rush of paddlers that descend on the Lower Mountain Fork River each summer. This weekend, Dianne and I joined the mad rush down this Class II river. I very much hate to disturb fishermen, but that river is one heck of a ride!

Broken Bow's section of the Mountain Fork River is the best Oklahoma river float trip that Dianne and I have ever paddled far! 

Rental canoes and shuttle services are available in Beaver's Bend State Park and near the Highway 70 bridge. For boat rentals and camping drive five miles east of Broken Bow on US Hwy 70, then north on Mountain Fork Park Rd and follow the signs to WW Trading Post & Canoe Rentals. You will also find several other small outfitters along Hwy 70 just a few miles out of Broken Bow.

Although not as commercialized as the Illinois River, the Mountain Fork River has several outfitters offering float trips. Since most of them are family businesses, finding their websites can be difficult... when they exist at all. At the end of this page I'll leave you some handy links and phone numbers to get you started planning your Mountain Fork River float trip.

Mountain Fork River Float Trip Tip: To fish and see nature... float in the morning, to see hot chicks...float in the afternoon.    

The run we took twice this weekend was four miles from the dam to an outfitters place called Ambush Adventures. No rafts on this river, just tubes, canoes and kayaks. We chose two Old Town Sit Inside kayaks (SINK's) from A.K.A. Canoe Rentals, they were excellent, straight tracking and very responsive recreational kayaks.
(Compare the two major types of kayaks.)

However, the listed weight capacity was 225 lbs. That left Yours Truly seriously pushing the weight limit, as usual! This may have been one factor in me sinking the kayak no less than 3 times per trip. Another factor would have to be my complete lack of knowledge and training in the fine art of kayaking.

Immediately when you leave the reregulation dam canoe launch on the Mt. Fork River, you hit a fairly long rock garden that you have to pick your way though like a maze. A 'Rock Garden' refers to a complex maze of rocks in the middle of the river...basically it is a jungle-gym for kayakers.

 On our first attempt to cross the Rock Garden, Dianne got her kayak lodged between two big stones in the river.  Next, canoes that were following her kayak began bumping into the back of her lodged craft, as the river traffic backed up.  Thankfully, she managed to escape without too much insult or injury. I can't say the same for lots of other folks that were floating the same day.  Dianne  didn't even sink her kayak once the first day!

After the rock garden, you go reach the Main Event - a couple of small waterfalls!  Being novice kayakers, we had a ball sliding down the waterfalls, shooting the rapids and dodging the Cypress trees. Lean back as you go over the falls to avoid 'penciling in' and getting too much water in the boat. Also, know that you will be moving pretty fast when you come off the waterfall, sideswipe a rock at that point and you just might swamp the I did a few times.

Of the four miles, two to three of them were tricky, for novices like us, but not particularly dangerous whitewater. Normally, such a short trip wouldn't even give Dianne and I a good work-out, but we returned exhausted from this one. Here's a tip, don't try to walk up the rocks of the waterfall to take another trip down.  The rocks are slippery and I darn near...I mean 'someone' could easily break their leg on those slippery stones.

After just a couple hours on the water, I was worn out from dumping massive amounts of water out of my kayak and Dianne was exhausted from feverishly paddling upstream to retrieve the various cargo items that floated free from my frequent wrecks. Although the Sit-On-Top Kayaks (SOT's) that we have rented in the past may have been easier to avoid sinking, I found the Sit Inside Kayaks to be more fun for me.

We camped at a public put-in point at the Reregulation Dam. Our camping spot was only  minutes from a McDonalds and a 24-hour Wal-Mart. It was like they made the camp just for us.

Overall, floating the Mountain Fork River was an incredible experience I would recommend to anyone in the Oklahoma, Arkansas or Texas area.  -- Tom & Di  More Float Trip Reports

Broken Bow area rental canoes and shuttle services are available in the park (Beavers Bend) and near the Highway 70 bridge. Here is a list of the outfitters and canoe livery operators that I know of on the Lower Mountain Fork River.  I try to update it whenever I make a trip down there, which is not nearly often enough!

I usually prefer to pick a kayak shuttle service that is close to the put-in (for an early launch) or close to the take-out (no waiting at the landing for a ride).  In the interest of openness, I will confess that one of the liveries provided Dianne and I with free shuttling once.  CAUTION: Most are Mom & Pop type businesses and they go in and out of business fast.  Call before you plan your trip and request a canoe or kayak reservation.

Mountain Fork River Outfitters


Ambush Adventures (NO Credit Cards) - 580-584-2273  

Canoe and kayak livery for the lower Mountain Fork River, including Presbyterian Falls, in southeast Oklahoma. Located right at the Hwy 70 Bridge Take-Out!  6.5 miles SE of Broken Bow on Hwy 70. No waiting at the landing for pickup at the end of your float trip.

Ambush Adventures offers 4, 5 or 9 mile float trips by canoe or 1-person kayak and/or shuttling of private boats from March through October. Inner tubes are also available during high water levels.

WW Trading Post & Canoe Rentals (Tested and Approved)

Lower Mountain Fork canoe & kayak outfitter and sales offering lodging, fishing packages, picnic supplies, trout flies, tackle, souvenirs and snacks.
Open Seasonally March through October.

580-584-6856 -

This is the outfitter located closest to the Put-in for the traditional LMF River kayaking trips.  The owner is also the visionary who created the first canoe livery in the Broken Bow area.  He knows this river like a fat man knows bacon!  In my experience, WW is also the first outfitter to roll out of bed in the morning and start launching boats. If you are a photographer or trout fisherman hoping to get on the river at dawn...go with WW.

Looking for a multi-day float trip on the Lower Mountain Fork River?  WW offers and 18-Mile float trip mixing rapids, flatwater and canoe camping on the Mt. Fork River!

WW Trading Post & Canoe Rentals is located five miles east of Broken Bow on US 70, north on Mountain Fork Park Rd (the road to the put-in), follow the signs to WW Trading Post & Canoe Rentals

Beaver's Bend Whitewater Canoe Rental (Tested and Approved)

Canoe and kayak outfitter for the lower Mountain Fork River.  Hwy 70 - 3.5 Miles East of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  Features the usual 4, 5 and 9 mile trips, as well as an 18 mile overnight trip, through the Presbyterian Falls area.
Outfitters: Gena & Paul Jordan

Hwy 70 East 3.5 Miles
Broken Bow, Ok. 74728

These folks are real nice and they are real easy to find. We rented a couple of their Old Town Otter kayaks for the great little run on the Lower Mt. Fork.



Riverside Canoe Rental

Lower Mountain Fork River canoe outfitter; float trips available; fishing packages; RV hookups. Open all year.

7 mi. E on Hwy 70
Broken Bow, OK 74728
(580) 835-7130


Mountain Fork River Floats

Upper Mountain Fork River canoe outfitter; float trips available; also offer fishing packages. Days/Hours Open: Open all year.
Hwy 259 S, then Hwy 4 E, follow signs

181 Beach Rd 
Smithville, OK 74957


Beavers Bend River Floats

(Lower & Upper Mt. Fork River)
Canoes $21, Kayaks $10.50.  No reservations, first-come-first-served.

Open 9am to 5pm
March Through October

Broken Bow, OK


Wild Goose Canoe & Kayak Rentals

2007 Rates     Canoe     Kayak

8 Mile Trip:        $40        $30
5 Mile Trip:        $30        $25
Shuttle:            $10        $10

Broken Bow, OK
(580) 584-2277
(580) 306-2278

Beavers Bend Marina

Located in the heart of Beavers Bend Resort Park

Rt. 4 Box 77-2
Broken Bow, OK 74728
(580) 494-6455


Beavers Bend Land & Water Park

Bumper boats, paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, swim beach, snow cones.
Located in Beavers Bend Resort Park.

Broken Bow, OK

Yippie Kayo Kayaks

Open all week from 8:30am until 6:00pm

Phone: 580-306-2279 or 580-584-2025
Season: May 1st - October 15

Yippie Kayo Kayaks is on Facebook.


Tippa Canoe
580-835-2772 or 580-306-3482

Canoe rental $40.00 for ( 4HRS) Kayak rental $ 25.00 (4 HRS)
Price includes: canoe/ kayak, paddles, life preservers and shuttle service. Shuttle service for customer owned canoe/ kayaks $20.00.

Float times: 9:00am 10:30am 12:00pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 7 days a week
Call for canoe and kayak reservations.



...Complete Oklahoma Float Trip Outfitters List.

  Find a Spray Skirt for Your Kayak.



Kayak & Vineyard Tour in New York Experience Gift Card NYC - GO DREAM - Sent in a Gift Package



Tom Kayaking The Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Presbyterian Falls - LMF River Kayaking









Rock Garden area on the Lower Mountain Fork River
Time to regroup and dump the water out!
















Elk River Outfitters

Buffalo River Outfitters

Eureka Springs Float Trips

Buying Vs. Renting Kayaks



Paddle Texas

I've been putting together a page about kayaking spots in the parts of Texas that are close to Oklahoma.

Recently, we visited Caddo Lake in Texas for kayaking and sightseeing. It offers ancient a flooded Cypress tree forest that looks like the LMF on steroids or a set from the movie Avatar.

Caddo Lake in Texas offers many miles of flooded Bald Cypress tree forests, perfect for flatwater paddlers.

Caddo Lake Trip - Kayaking in Northeast Texas






Cabins for Mt. Fork River Paddlers

River Top Resort
Lower Mountain Fork River in Broken Bow Oklahoma. Large cabin with Jacuzzi.

Eagle Ridge Cabins - Broken Bow
New Cabins with Hot Tubs and Sat. TV near Broken Bow Lake in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Beavers Bend Lodging
Cabin Rentals in Broken Bow Oklahoma, many with hot tubs.

River's Bend Resort on Oklahoma's Glover River
Luxury Cabins on lower Glover River about 10 miles west of Broken Bow, OK.

Beavers Bend Log Cabins
Two privately owned luxury Oklahoma cabins just north of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.



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