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Scenic Kayaking on The Kiamichi River in Southeastern Oklahoma.


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Camp in Comfort Camo Logo - Kayak Oklahoma!Recently, my wife informed me that 'our tent camping days were over'. Desperate to maintain our link with the outdoors, we upgraded our tiny tent for a tiny teardrop camping trailer. Now we are sleeping quite cozy in our little silver cuddle-coupe! Of course, you have to find campgrounds with good bathrooms. There are 'loads' of problems with bathroom facilities at many public campgrounds and spectator events. However, cozy camping couples need no longer be divided by their differing needs in the area of personal hygiene.  Need a porta potty tent for your car or RV?  Considering a portable shower for the camper?  Scroll down for a wide range of choices.

Stay clean and showered with a single-burner propane Hot Shower that delivers unlimited hot water anytime, anywhere. Don't risk your health by staying dirty and don't risk your safety in a public shower house.  There are other options for camping cleaner and... in greater comfort.

Porta-potty Dread

Porta-potty Dread isn't just a case of wives acting 'girlie', there are legitimate risks to using many poorly maintained public toilets. Such as:

  • A foul and sickening smell seems to cling to you long after leaving the potty.

  • Knowing that other people are waiting can create an inability to go...trapping you inside!

  • Who doesn't feel unclean after exiting a porta-potty?

  • The sad, sick knowledge that many people are using the potties without washing their hands afterwards.

  • Long agonizing lines where you uncomfortably have to wait your turn at the filthy thing.

  • The fear of being victimized while you're inside a dark, nasty, public 'stankroom', that locals have learned to avoid, is a legit concern.

Salmonella and shigella bacteria can be transferred by contact with feces. The infected person transmits the bacteria on their hands which can then be transferred to flushing handles, door handles and faucets.

Foul odors, lack of supplies and puddles on the floors represent the classic view of campground restrooms.

The odors that come from these public washrooms are often caused by urine in tile grouting. If the floors aren't properly cleaned then the uric acid salts will not be removed with regular cleansers. These salts provide a food source for bacteria whose digestive processes give off the foul odor. In a nutshell: You Don't Want To GO There, Sister!

Eureka Springs Float Trip Illinois River Trip Mountain Fork River Trip

Planning for your Portable Potty

Everyone hates to bring up the subject of 'that which must be flushed down'. However, camping couples hoping to stay together over the long-term must come to terms with the toilet issues that often so bitterly divide camping families. I consider setting up proper bathing and toilet faculties for my family one of the key challenges involved in any outdoor adventures.

When it comes to camping toilets your choices are use the often shockingly nasty public facilities or learn to love the 'Luggable Loo'! However, missing out on visiting the breathtaking Buffalo River, the wild Kiamichi River or the Cypress lined banks of the Lower Mt. Fork River would be too tragic for words to describe.

Whether you choose the low cost luggable or a more advanced camping crapper, you will need to decide just how you want to deal with the ...uh...details. Basically, you have two choices for odor control: powders or chemicals. 

Powders (potting soil, kitty litter, salt) are probably preferred for most folks. They kill the smell very well. The downside of using kitty litter (vs. soil or salt) is that you can't dispose of the waste into a toilet or at a sewage facility (but then again, you might not be able to dump at a sewage plant anyway, no matter what powder you used). 

Chemicals are preferable only in these two cases: 

(1) You're going to have your potty pumped out by the porta-potty truck, for which you'd need a special, larger, more expensive potty. (See the River Bank or Scat Packer models listed below.) You can't get a plain bucket pumped. That's because your potty has to have a connection to attach the plastic vacuum hose from the truck. (They can't just dip the hose into the bucket.)


(2) You're going to empty the potty into a permanent toilet, in which case you'd either have to use so much water that your potty would have a very small capacity, or you'd have to use a LARGE potty to hold everything. So, what do you do?


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Oklahoma Area Cabins to Visit

Cabins make comfortable camping easy, many offer air conditioning.  A/C is vital for comfort in the dangerously hot Oklahoma Summers. Dianne and I like to slip off to one of the many great cabins in the Ozarks area whenever we can.  We like cabins with great water access or a hot tub.  Look for our reviews on the Oklahoma Road Trips Blog as we visit them.

I have not yet visited all of the cabins in the Sooner State, but I hope to. If you have, drop by our blog and let Dianne and I know what you thought about it. We prefer vacation spots with Class I or Class II kayak paddling nearby.  We have our own boats, but we still like to work with the local outfitters for the knowledge, the shuttling and the t-shirts!



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