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Misty Morning at Rim Shoals

Misty cold water kayaking on The White River in Arkansas.


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Grave Creek Access to Lake Eufaula offers nice flatwater paddling near Hitchita, OK.
Kayaking from Grave Creek to Lake Eufaula




North Canadian River Kayaking

Oklahoma's Strangely Named North Canadian River

  • The North Canadian River is known as The Oklahoma River in OKC.
  • Good fishing for Catfish and Crappie, a popular river for Okie Noodling.
  • The river is fairly shallow in most places, but offers two new canoe & kayak liveries.
  • Moonlight Paddle excursions in OKC from May - September. Enjoy the sunset and watch the full moon rise. This guided paddle trip happens 2-3 times per month.  Minimum paid registration requirement of at least four paid registrations 48 hours prior to the outing.
  • Many access areas off Highway 40 and Highway 9.
  • Launch early to see:  eagles, Whitetail Deer, Beaver and Herons.
  • The NCR offers riverbanks that are more sandy than muddy.
  • Catfish Noodling is allowed in the North Canadian River from the NW 10th Street bridge downstream to the MacArthur Street bridge in OKC.

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Cedar Tree Photo taken North Canadian River near Pierce, Oklahoma.
Taken on the North Canadian River near
Pierce, OK

Click here for a slideshow of our North Canadian River pictures.


Meet Oklahoma City's Canoe & Kayak Outfitter - OKC Kayak.  Dave Lindo at OKC Kayak offers canoe and kayak sales, rental, guided float trips, paddler gear, kayaking lessons, kayak parties and more. We just bought an incredible Jackson Kayak Coosa fishing kayak from them.


Kayak Rentals at the Chesapeake Boathouse in Oklahoma City

Kayak Rentals are open to everyone ages 8 and up and available March through October during boathouse hours: Mon - Fri, 7am-8pm; Sat, 7am-5pm and Sunday, 1pm-5pm. The last rental of the day is one hour before boathouse closing. Cost is $10 per hour for a single, $15 for a double. Reservations are not required, but you may make a reservation by calling 405-552-4040.

Oklahoma City Boathouse Calendar of Events

USA Canoe/Kayak has announced that the Oklahoma River will be the site for the 2012 US Olympic Trials for Flatwater Sprint on April 20-21, 2012.

Paddling the North Canadian River


Sunrise Kayaking on the North Canadian River - Photo by Thomas P. JonesOnce you leave the OKC area, The North Canadian River becomes rather remote.  The future may hold more paddling opportunities with the addition of  the impressive new Chesapeake Boathouse, and new outfitter OKC Kayak you may find canoe liveries, water taxis and shuttle services become more common on this river. The fishing is quite good on the North Canadian River, local experts say that the fishing is best on the North Canadian River when the water level is falling rather than rising. These conditions provide some advantages for kayak fishing.

Boat ramps are also scarce on the North Canadian, most folks access the river from public bridges like the one Bearden, Oklahoma or Arbeka bridge.  OKC Kayak can put you on the most urban part of the North Canadian River  in an amazing variety of kayak styles and brands. It is a great way to try a kayak before you buy it!

Family History Camping on the North Canadian River

When I was a child, my folks would gather with our extended family for trips camping on the North Canadian River. Often, we would stay for weeks in our ragged caravan of tents, trailers and truck-bed campers. Catfish are often more active at night, so we would stay up all fishing from the bank between running the lines.

Some friends of the family owned farm land on the North Canadian River and kindly allowed us entry for camping, fishing and hunting. It has been too many years for me to remember how to get there or even the names of any nearby towns. In those days, we just called it Russell's Place. I caught my first catfish there and weathered my first truly frightening Oklahoma hail storm there. I miss camping at Russell's like I miss the boundless energy and easy friendships of childhood.

When I was a child, just about every bridge over every major river had access to drive underneath fish, camp or whatever. My friends, the times have really changed! Today, old bridges are replaced by new ones that are designed to 'protect' the river from usage.

Thomas kayaking on the North Canadian River near Pierce, Oklahoma.  photo by Dianne M. JonesThe Hwy 48 Bridge over the North Canadian River at Bearden, OK was accessible for launching boats the last time we checked. There is a road leading under the bridge that is pretty awful... even when dry but better than nothing. Google Map of North Canadian River Access at Bearden on Hwy 48.

My Dad says that litter and crime are the reasons why the authorities have closed off so many of Oklahoma's bridges as river access points. I can't help but believe there are better ways to deal with these issues than shutting off public access. Oklahoma City is wisely investing in more and better public access points on its waterways and kayaking is growing fest in their city these days.

North Canadian River to Eufaula Lake Trip

One rainy summer, a fellow kayak paddler who lives near our old river lot at Dogwood Acres in Pierce, Oklahoma suggested we paddle from the lot, down the North Canadian River and across Eufaula Lake to the Jack Frisbee boat ramp.  Normally, the water level would make this a slow trip, but the river was up nicely for this trip. Greg even created the cool map pictured here. Want to meet him?  Join the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers and lookup Yakker!

Normally, Dianne and I have to take 'up-and-back-again' trips on the river because we only have one vehicle and no shuttle. Needless to say, we were thrilled to get a chance to do a 'one-way', downriver trip and to meet one of our new neighbors. Normally, we have to visit OKC, Tahlequah, Antlers or Broken Bow to enjoy a one-way Oklahoma float trip.

The float trip from Dogwood Acres to Jack Frisbee Boat Ramp is about 6 miles, most of it with a decent downstream current. We started early in the morning to try and beat the heat. This is pretty important for taking this particular trip during the summer. Although the river portion of the trip offers some current and quite a bit of shade, the last leg of the trip is pure lake paddling in the blazing sun.

One of the downsides of paddling Oklahoma lakes is that the wide open area offers little shade. Also, the lack of distance cues around you makes it seem like you are paddling at an a very slow speed. The feeling of slowness makes paddling across many Oklahoma lakes feel very monotonous. There is also an element of danger when paddling your kayak across a big expanse of water where ski boats and personal watercraft race around at breakneck speeds. Kayaking the North Canadian River is a welcome change from Oklahoma lake paddling.  The curvy, willow-lined banks of the river offer shade like you will never see on a lake.

Despite a couple miles of paddling across the lake at the end, the Pierce, Oklahoma to Lake Eufaula kayaking trip was a good one. Although not as scenic as The Illinois River or the Lower Mountain Fork River, paddling the North Canadian offers solitude, peacefulness and some cool bird watching opportunities.

The trip running from Dogwood Acres to Jack Frisbee Boat Ramp near No Name Creek will be a float trip that I am sure we will repeat when highwater conditions allow it. The Frisbee Boat Ramp is right of Highway 150 and offers a great parking area that is close to food, lodging, bait...whatever you need. Also, I love the being able to launch from our river lot!

Sandstone Scenery on the North Canadian River - Photo by Thomas P. Jones

Floating from Weleetka to Wetumka

In high school, myself and a friend took a three day trip down the North Canadian River in Dad's Jon-boat. As I recall, we floated from a highway bridge in Weleetka, Oklahoma to a power station near Wetumka, OK. We had a fine trip, though there was some boat dragging due to the fact we paddled it in July when the water levels tend to be quite low.

I recommend taking a small dipper net. Just about an hour from sundown on the second day of our trip tons of fish just floated up near the fish! The fish seemed stunned or something, my friend Charles and I were just grabbing them with our bare hands and throwing them onto the river bank.

We floated at night quite a bit because the mosquitoes were not as bad in the middle of the river as they were on the sandbars. Sadly, those were the days before insect repellent clothing was invented.



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