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The Kiamichi River in Southeastern Oklahoma.



Oklahoma Canoe & Kayak Float Trip Outfitters List

Ozark Outdoors Adventures 

Oklahoma Sportfishing: A Complete Sportsman's Guide (Backcountry Guides)


Kayaking at New Beggs Lake

  • Quiet shady location.
  • Beggs Lake is close to Hwy 75 & Hwy 16.
  • Sandy area good for launching canoes and kayaks.
  • Lots of fish, lily pads and birds to observe.
  • Beggs Lake boasts a couple shady coves to explore or to enjoy fishing from non-motorized watercraft. 

No motor boats are allowed on New Beggs Lake. 

Enjoying the morning light from my recreational kayak on New Beggs Lake.
Click photos for larger versions.

New Beggs Lake

These Lily Pads grace New Beggs Lake in Beggs, Oklahoma.The New Beggs Lake is a small reservoir lake just off Highway 16 between of Beggs, Oklahoma and Highway 75. Finding Beggs Lake can be a little tricky on the first visit, but we managed to paddled it with our kayaks on a warm Sunday morning in August. Since there is no street sign to show you where to turn off of Hwy 16, you have to watch the north side of the road for the Beggs WTP water tower. Turn off Highway 16, just as if you were going to the water plant. The 'lake road' then turns to gravel and heads uphill to your right. This road dead ends next to the New Beggs Lake.

At first, I didn't find the New Beggs Lake to be as beautiful as either of Okmulgee's lakes, but I immediately began to enjoy the privacy of this little Oklahoma reservoir. NO boats with motors are allowed on Beggs Lake and this is the one feature that I may return to enjoy. We shared the lake with 3 other guys kicking around in those fishing float tubes. I didn't see them catch any fish, but they were on the lake early and catching a very nice breeze for a summer day. Sometimes less... is more, especially for kayaking.

The New Beggs Lake Offers a nice parking area near a great canoe or kayak launch spot.You probably won't need a map for kayaking on the New Beggs Lake and it is small enough that you should see all of its shoreline in a single morning of canoeing. From the boat launch, paddle East across the lake and you can take your kayak up a short, narrow, twisty creek that snakes like a maze through tall cat-tail reeds, moss and lily pads. In this part of the lake, the lily pads are higher than our heads. As we kayak slowly past the yellow lotus blossoms, we try to paddle lightly to avoid slinging the foul smelling stands of muddy moss on ourselves and each other. It is shady, here when the rest of the lake is bright with morning sun.

Kayaking up the creek on New Beggs Lake.The New Beggs Lake is perfect for a quick bit of exercise paddling, if you own your own kayak and live nearby. Being right off the highway, you can get there fast. Since the lake is small, you don't spend a lot of time drive slowly through lovely park roads before reaching the water. The New Beggs Lake doesn't offer any facilities, just a mowed parking space and some quiet shady water for kayaking...and that suited me and Dianne just fine. When you are in the mood for some light 'Lily Paddling', the New Beggs Lake fits the bill.

The east end of New Beggs Lake is so shallow, you need a canoe or kayak to explore it.
The shallow water on New Beggs Lake is very mossy.

Food & Lodging options are rather limited around Beggs, Oklahoma. When I am in the area I usually eat at the Beggs Drive-In.  There is also a Biker themed cafe called Rock-a-Billy's right off Hwy 16 near the Hwy 75 entrance ramp. For lodging, you may want to travel South on Highway 75 to Okmulgee or North to Glenpool.


Kayaking on Oklahoma's lakes offers a great way to stay fit and have fun.

Explore more float trips in great Ozark Rivers like:  The Elk River, The Kings River, The White River The Spring River and The Buffalo River. Head to Broken Bow, Oklahoma and paddle the Lower Mt. Fork River or to Tahlequah, Oklahoma's Illinois River.

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