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Ozark Float Trips
Elk River float trips from Pineville, MO to Noel, MO
Elk River in Noel, MO





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The Lower Mountain Fork River near Broken Bow, OK.
The Lower Mt. Fork River - Great Float Trips in Southeastern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Canoe & Kayak Outfitters




The White River offers a great escape from Oklahoma's annual Summer heatwave. The White River's cold water creates a flowing mist over the water that cools the surrounding air.

White River bluffs near Buffalo City, AR

White River Float Trips

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Canoe & Kayak Float Trips Near Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Kings River Eureka Springs, Arkansas canoe and kayak tripEureka Springs, Arkansas has long been a favorite vacation destination for Oklahoma folks. The little Ozark town is close enough to Oklahoma for a quick weekend car trip, yet distant enough to provide an interesting change of scenery. We enjoy paddling the two great rivers that border Eureka Springs, AR...the Kings River & the White River. Float trips make a great add-on attraction for any family vacation in the Ozarks. From Eureka Springs, it is an easy drive to the Elk River, Indian Creek, Big Sugar, or Little Sugar all near Pineville, Arkansas. You can also drive just over an hour to Galena, Missouri to paddle the James River.

Lots of Oklahoma kids first visit Eureka Springs to see The Great Passion Play, others visit to see the live music and variety shows or as a quick stop on the way to Branson, Missouri. Just outside of town is the fantastic Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge where you can get up close and personal with tigers, bears, ligers, bobcats and other wild and wooly creatures. Just up the road near Branson, Missouri you can also find float trips on Table Rock Lake.

Dianne and I started going to Eureka Springs in the off-season for bargain deals at B&B's, now we go for the canoeing & kayaking on the White River or on the Kings River! Dylan, Dianne and myself had a blast on the Kings River and we took a float trip down the White River in the Summer of 2008.  Kayaking on the White River was like no other paddling trip I have ever taken. We paddled the White River near Mountain Home, Arkansas, but the White River offers outfitters at various locations including Eureka Springs.

Kings River Float Trips at Eureka Springs, AR - Kings River Map

Dylan and Thomas Canoe the Kings River in Eureka Springs, AR
Dylan and Dad Canoe Kings River,
originally uploaded by FreeWine.

This river begins high in the Boston Mountains of Madison County. From here the stream twists its way northward to the White River and finally flows into southern Missouri's Table Rock Lake. It is rocky and clear with loads of fish and birds, a great float for canoe paddlers.

The water quality in the Kings River is usually very good to excellent, flowing clean, clear and very cold. A stage of about 3.0 feet is considered minimum for good boating. The Kings River offers over 90 miles of navigable wilderness and is one of only five north-flowing rivers within the continental United States.

The Kings River near Eureka Springs, Arkansas is an excellent Oklahoma road trip for those who love to canoe. Clear water and lovely scenery abound on this well outfitted and easy to paddle river. Many Okies already travel to Eureka Springs annually to see The Great Passion Play or just to ride their motorcycles up and down the Ozark hills.  Paddling the Kings River makes a great additional activity to any Ozark area visit.

Kayaking on the Elk River near Eureka Springs, AR

More Kings River Pictures on our Flickr pages.

The 'Life is Good ' painting pictured above is a well-known landmark on King's River Float Trips.

Eureka Springs Canoe & Kayak Livery Operators

There are a number of great canoe and kayak livery operators around Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I have a short list of them below. Don't get put-off by some outfitters listing Berryville as their address. .Berryville is right by Eureka Springs. 

Also, be careful not to confuse Riverside Resort with Riverview Resort.

Riverview Resort & Country Store (The White River)
17939 Highway 62 West
Eureka Springs, AR
Phone: (479) 253-8367

River Lake Outdoor Center & Canoe
14735 Highway 62 West
Eureka Springs, AR
Phone: (479) 253-5628

Riverside Resort & Canoe Rental  (The Kings River)
(Tested & Approved)

3031 Hwy 62 West
Berryville, AR 72616
Phone: 870-423-3116
(Jacuzzi suites, canoes & kayaks right on the riverside! We loved it.)

Kings River Retreat
8190 Highway 221 South
Eureka Springs, AR
Phone: (479) 253-2346

Kings River Outfitters
Provides canoes, kayaks, shuttles and guide services.
Kings River Float trips either from Rockhouse to Trigger Gap (7.7 miles)
or from Trigger Gap to McMullen Farm (4.7 miles).
Call at 479-253-8954 to make a reservation.


Mostly, I have to enjoy canoe trips with my son Dylan, as my wife Dianne prefers to paddle solo. She rented a kayak for our Kings River Float Trip. Considering the fact that I flipped the canoe over about three seconds from the launch on our first canoe trip, it is little wonder that she is reluctant to share my boat? Don't even ASK about our experience in a tandem kayak.

A canoe is primarily driven by the paddler sitting in the back of the boat. The paddler sitting in the bow (front) of the boat is then free to take pictures, make sandwiches, fish or whatever. Also, canoes tend to be longer than kayaks and they ride a little higher in the water. Finally, I think that canoes are a bit easier to get into and out of without an 'incident'. They are great for fishing and great for carrying cargo.

I love owning both a canoe and a kayak, just like I prefer having both a car and a pickup.  They each serve different needs.

The White River at Eureka Springs, Arkansas - White River Map or White River Kayaking Trip Report

The White River's upper reaches are strictly seasonal, with the late October through April/May period traditionally the best time for float trips.

Below Bull Shoals Dam, the White River is a year-round float stream, with some of the best fishing reported during the winter months. The 10-mile stretch of White River tail-water below Beaver Dam is famed for its trout fishing. Canoeing and floating are also popular here, and there’s a handicap-accessible fishing area.  Most fishermen prefer motorized johnboats for fishing the White River, but you can paddle it as well.

We recently took a float trip on the White River near Buffalo City, Arkansas.  Paddling the ice cold waters of this part of the White River during a Summer heat wave was a blast.  Read our White River kayaking trip report, check the White River levels or see a list of some local kayak rental outfitters, shuttle providers and lodging choices on our White River Kayaking Page.

68th Annual White River Water Carnival August 5-6, 2011.

This two-day event in Batesville, Arkansas features a Kids Zone with inflatables, arts and crafts, live music and fun festival food along the banks of the White River.

Make sure to visit the Batesville Chamber of Commerce to get a free water gun that can be used to "soak" the floats in the "wet zone" during the festival parade. Live music is on tap all day on Saturday! Visit or phone 870-793-2378 to learn more.

For even more fun visit the 17th annual 'Yards and Yards of Yard Sales' event in nearby Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


Click Photo To Enlarge
Rocky Bluffs on the White River near Buffalo City, Arkansas.
The White River near Buffalo City, Arkansas.
Table Rock Lake Paddling

Magical morning mists on Table Rock Lake in the OzarksNot too far from Eureka Springs is Branson, MO and the sparkling clear Table Rock Lake. 

Table Rock Lake offers 13 Corps of Engineers campgrounds with tons of swimming areas, picnic spots and boat ramps. Full service marinas and over 100 privately owned resorts dot the over 800 miles of shoreline on Table Rock Lake, so there are a million ways to have fun in the sun!  Resort properties in a wide range of prices and quality levels surround Table Rock Lake, so you should always be able to find lodging on some part of Table Rock Lake.  However, this is in the Ozark mountains... just because two towns appear to be close together on the map, does NOT mean they are a short drive apart!

Looking for kayak rentals in Missouri or private kayak shuttle services?  Check out: Kayak Branson for canoe & kayak rentals or shuttle services on Table Rock Lake and  misty old Lake Taneycomo.


Kayak Branson
5403 State Highway 165
Branson, Missouri 65616
Phone: 866-681-2628


Kayak Fishing Tip: A kayak trailer makes it easy to load multiple large kayaks.


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